End of The Road!


28,500 miles in 10 months and 1 week. The bike is now with the shipping company and we’re preparing for our preliminary visit to Hong Kong.

8 thoughts on “End of The Road!

  1. Well done, both 😀 (And Silver!) – I need to catch up on most of your return to the US adventures: I look forward to finding the time ;o) Have fun in Hong Kong; I hope that the return to 2 legs doesn’t take too much getting used to!

  2. Hi. I am now the owner of Silver. The bike is going on a new adventure this summer with me and my partner. All be it on a much smaller scale.

      • Hi. We did 8 countries around Europe over a fortnight and a few small trips around Yorkshire then sold it at 85,000 miles. It served us well. Thanks for the reply 2 years on 🙂

        I guess lockdown gets us all catching up.

        Best regards.


      • That’s great! I hope we might bump into Silver some time. We have a new project now building a campervan but bikes are in our blood and we still have our Tiger 800.

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