Tiger at 25,000 Miles


To celebrate 25000 miles in 9 months Silver has started losing oil past the dipstick o ring. Since returning to the USA I haven’t been able to get Mexican Mobil 1 (5w50) and so I took the bold decision to mix oils and top up with USA Mobil 1 (15w50). Scaremongers and alchemists will say I should do an oil change, and I guess they’re right, but I just haven’t had the opportunity. I’ll try to get a new o ring.

Other problems? The GPS has been blowing 10A fuses every now and then since Guatemala and chose this morning to start immediately blowing replacements. I put a 15A in and stood well back.

Steering head bearings have gone again. I say again, I just rotated the top one last time, in Berlin. I have a spare.

Hugger needs fixing.

Cheap Bridgestones do not look like they’re going to go the distance.

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