Vacuum Hose Fail Shocker


Lumpy tickover for a while and the odd backfire through the airbox. Sounded like a failed vacuum hose and indeed it was. I fashioned a repair by stealing a bit of the coolant reservoir overflow hose. Hardening and perishing of hoses is to be expected on a 12 year old bike.

4 thoughts on “Vacuum Hose Fail Shocker

  1. Smelled petrol around the bike. Was sure it was the fuel cock underneath the tank. Lifted tank and found that it was leaking through the paint, bottom corner! Oh dear. Tank removed and taken to shop. Rusted through from the inside 😮 Supposedly all the water in the petrol here! Shouldn’t have left it empty over the summer – live and learn :p Left it in shop yesterday, going to pick up later – fingers crossed they could do something!

  2. Got a 1990 Miata (read MX5 – I have to get back to a UK school – I’m turning Septic!), a 2000 Xterra (remarkably good – though runs in LPG – would hate to pay to feed it petrol!) and a 2002 FZ1 (read Fazer). I’m constantly fixing things! Promised myself that in the next country I’m gonna buy NEW(er…) vehicles 😀

    What are you going to do in HK??? Not sure on how vehicles are there. Only been once (briefly) – manic, and HUGELY tall buildings :p

    • I’ll still get a bike, probably a Bonneville. Also, there’s a track at Zuhai which is a one hour ferry away. Difficult to use your own bike there, though, and a lot more expensive than Bira.

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