6 thoughts on “El Salvador Tomorrow

  1. Happy New Year! (We were in Internet-less Cuba – just catching up on emails now that we’ve returned to capitalism…)

    I am interested to know where you got all your information on border crossings – is there a specific site that helps with this, or did you have to find out individually for each one?

    (I’m heartened to hear from Natalia, ‘They’re riding all the way from N America to S America? Can we do that?’ :D)

    • Happy new year mate! We met another brit on another Triumph that got a ferry to Cuba from the Yucatan. We’ll be tempted to do it on the way back. How was Cuba?

      Helen gets border info from trawling Google for each crossing. No particular sites but cyclists are often good sources.

      Darian gap is in the way of getting to S America. There is a sea route around it but our plan is to turn around when we get to Panama and head back to USA.


      PS Natalia sounds absolutely great

      • Cuba was cool: being on a motorbike would have been perfect. The biggest bugbear was travelling: organising bus tickets (fortunately, chose to do most of these at the beginning), then having to be at the station 1 hour before for buses that were up to 4 hours late (and that was before we’d left, haha!).

        I really enjoyed Vinales in the west, Habana and Baracoa (our final destination in the east). Trinidad was fun for a night, but very touristy. We didn’t really do any of the beach resorts (enough of those in the DR!).

        One thing that you would have to be prepared for is the lack of vegetarian (not even vegan) options. In Vinales there were options; Habana must have some (though we didn’t find them); Natalia (vegetarian) had to resort to fish for the majority of the time!

        Depending on the cost of the ferry, I would very much say go now before the big changes come. The roads are perfect for riding: in a reasonable condition and well sign-posted; not much traffic. There would be no spare parts there or chance of getting them in a hurry, though. Saw 1 ‘big bike’ in the two weeks we were there; chatted to a taxi driver who purported to have had a Fireblade in the past!

        It’s a shame that you are not going to make it past the Darian Gap – perhaps Natalia and I can carry on from where you get to and finish off the continent at some future date 😀

        Pass on my regards to Helen; safe riding.



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