Monday 21st-Tuesday 22nd December Arriving at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We have had an amazing couple of days travelling from Coban to Panajachel. It is funny how the hardest days are often the best. Yesterday we we riding for over 7 hours, including  getting lost and finding our way back to the correct road. We did not get off the bike for over 4 hours at one point. We were rewarded with a wonderful view of a volcano and a cold beer at the end. We cooked a lentil curry and fell asleep in a very comfy bed.


This morning after admiring the view from our apartment again, we left for the 90 minute journey to the lake.


We expected it to be easy as it is a major tourist route. We went through a town with the steepest roads I have ever seen. Must have been a 1:2 incline. I had to shut my eyes going down so no photos. It was like a fairground ride. The road was very remote, except for the occasional truck.SAMSUNG CSC


There were some great potholes and Dave did  a lot of standing on the pegs.


Then really very unexpectedly, we came to a river where the road and bridge had completely collapsed, probably some years ago and we had to ford the river.


That’s not me, it’s a bloke on a moped


That’s me

I got off to test the waters and take pictures as Dave rode through.


Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God (Dave)

I am pleased to say that although I was calf deep in water, my Timberlands did not let in and my feet stayed dry. Dave did a great job getting himself and the bike across. I am glad he has been going on these off road holidays with Jason over the past few years.


Dave’s keen to do more dirt roads; Helen less so

As if by way of reward, we then reached a really exceptionally stunning viewpoint where the lake and volcanoes could be seen in all their glory.





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