Tiger at 11,000 Miles


Silverado turned 50,000! I think we were somewhere in California.

After standing for 2.5 years, the first Hagon wept a bit of oil when we got Silverado back on the road. I should have done something about it then.

That’s 11,000 miles in 16 weeks; Silver’s total mileage is 52,000 miles in 11 years.

I couldn’t be more happy with the bike.  In the last four months we’ve conquered the USA and been down the length of the Baja peninsular in Mexico. Tomorrow we take the ferry to the Mexican mainland.

I’ve had to replace loads of sundry items:

  • both tyres
  • oil & filter
  • coolant
  • caliper seals all around
  • drive chain
  • front sprocket
  • rear wheel bearings
  • some individual brake pads
  • fork oil

and I’ve chosen to improve some parts:

  • front brake master cylinder
  • front brake master piston

but the only actual failures were:

  • regulator/rectifier
    • which also took out the battery
  • rear shock
  • Scottoiler feed tube
  • hugger (still broken)

and if I’d done my homework during the year I had to prepare this bike, I probably could have avoided all of the last group.

Silverado’s had at least two name changes and is now running better than ever.  Suspension is taught, engine is willing and even the sodding brakes work at last.  He uses a bit of oil at 90-100mph but pretty much none at lower speeds.  I’d publish my mpg figures but they’re so high I’m obviously missing something.

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