Scottoiler Failed

2015-10-20 10.39.45-1
It’s a damaged piece of tubing with a cloth behind it balanced on a swinging arm

I replaced a bit of the Scottoiler before we came away, and now another bit has gone.  The (final) drive chain has gnawed through the oil delivery tube.  I got some generic tubing from a… erm… generic shop and replaced the damaged bit.  New tubing was slightly bigger in diameter so old to new joined really easily.  I routed the new tubing exactly as the old one had been.

Because I routed the new tubing exactly as the old had been, the (final) drive chain gnawed through it straight away.  Who’d have thought?

Fixed it again.

2 thoughts on “Scottoiler Failed

    • Howdy Feller. Fork oil is easy enough but it’s easy to get very messy very quickly. ATF equates to 10w but I’m left thinking it may be too light for hot countries. FZ1 probably has cartridge forks so you can put any shit in 🙂

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