Tiger at 7000 miles


Whoa! That got outta hand real quick. We now have a new battery and new regulator/rectifier.

The bad news is that we are $370 lighter. The good news is that I now have a new multimeter.

I also had a go at the rear brake. Got the pistons moving and changed one of the pads. One of the pads? Yes. I have now bought the wrong pads from two Triumph dealers. Boulder gave me front pads, useful later, Seattle tried to give me more front pads but I wasn’t having that. I made them give me the asymmetrical pads like in the back of my bike. They gave me asymmetrical but the mirror image of what I need. Ah well. The small one fitted in and that’s the one that wears with a (semi) sliding calliper.

Brake pads. These are the ones I need. How many sodding combinations can there be?

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