Thursday August 13th -Tulsa Art Deco City by Dave and Helen

wpid-wp-1439502073781.jpgWe came to Tulsa primarily because we had read about the great Art Deco heritage here, although we also needed to put a new tyre on the bike. During the 1920s and 1930s, Tulsa was an incredibly wealthy, oil city. At the time, there was more oil being produced here than anywhere else on in the world. The new oil barons wanted to display their success through the creation of a modern and luxurious city. They did a great job of it.

We were deeply impressed with what we found here. Behaving like mad dogs and Englishmen, we toured the compact downtown area at 3pm, with the sun beating down in the mid 30s. It was worth it as the streets were deserted and we were able to slip, often unnoticed, into the foyers of many of the stunning buildings.

Apart from the buildings, there is a great Art Deco Museum which is free and has some lovely artefacts.

Click on the gallery below if you are a lover of Art Deco.

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