Last Day In Berlin

So finally the day has dawned. It has dawned far too early actually. We have been awake since 3.45am with excitement, nerves and anxiety about the things we have forgotten, or more worrying, the things we have forgotten we have forgotten (it gets like that when you are over 50). Yesterday, after all of the excitement of farewells at school, so many kind words and gifts, we had one last push to clear the apartment into the 3mx2m storage unit up the road. Having balanced heavy boxes on the pillion seat of the bike, in a dangerous fashion, sure to alert police attention and dealing with grumpy taxi drivers who seem shocked at the idea of taking a cardboard box around the corner, we finally said goodbye to our stuff. It was surprising to find , having been persuaded by Dave to sell precious items, like our Indonesian sideboard, in order to save space, that Dave’s last minute reveal was a cache of 38 pairs of socks, none of which he was prepared to part with (throwing out the odd ones was enough of a wrench for him). Despite this we seem to have made the transition from 120 square metres to 6 square metres fairly

4 thoughts on “Last Day In Berlin

  1. Have a safe trip! Anna says thanks for the vegan baked goods, which she really enjoyed. You will be missed. It will take me a while to get used to your absence… take care!

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