Berlin to London for an MOT

Hmm. A year after resurrecting our Tiger 955i and riding it home to Berlin from the UK we are… a bit stuck for an MOT test certificate. Luckily it’s the Easter school holidays, all the marking’s done and we’ve got nothing better to do than ride the 2300km round trip to go and get one.

Tiger running well but I must check the new steering head bearings before it goes in for the test. I may need to bleed the brakes yet again, too.


Tiger 955i brakes are just rubbish. For last summer I changed the pad retaining pins and started using red grease instead of copperslip. Over winter they seized completely. For this trip I’ve changed the lines to a racing configuration (two lines from the master instead of a bridge between the calipers). It’s made bog all difference. For the big trip, I’ll change the disks to EBC floating and replace the pistons. I might have a go at the master cylinder, too.

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