Day 2 Prague to Wildalpen, Austria

We both loved this campsite at Wildalpen in central Austria. We agree it is number 3 of the best campsites in the world-so far; held back for Dave by not being able to park the bike right by the tent and for Helen by being in the valley (600m) rather than higher up the mountain. Mind you, it was a bit chilly so it would not have been much fun at higher altitude.

It was a great end to a pretty dull day crossing the Czech Republic. We really want to like it there but it is a dull place to ride across. Gently undulating and green but nothing to get excited about.  This was our second time and it did not redeem itself following our first dull crossing in 2012.


The campsite had a great river setting. Most campers had wood fires and the smell of woodsmoke was wonderful. This site is used mostly by kayakers and there was a slightly roughy-toughy feeling about it. Just as we were entering the village Helen saw a Chamois (wild goat/antelope) at the side of the road- very exciting. 10497943_10152608841174515_791660813560487470_oWe feasted on our first camping meal of the trip. No beers tonight after last night´s indulgence in Prague. An early night all cosy and warm in the tent.
Dave (46), Tiger 955i (10), Dave’s fleece (20)

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